Take a stroll through The Festival Village, sampling some tasty treats, beverages and the very best of Galway crafts. There’s a huge variety of stalls in The Festival Village so there are plenty of things to keep you interested, including some excellent entertainment to help you feel the festival vibe!

Drop by the Irish Sailing Association stand where you can find out more about their Try Sailing campaign and talk to volunteers from local sailing clubs. You can also visit the RNLI to learn more about their activities and safety at sea.

The young and the young at heart will enjoy all kinds of impromptu and interactive performances from costumed re–enactments and sea creature puppets during the three days of the festival.

Claddagh Clan
The Claddagh Clan will involve two comic and fun–loving Claddagh fisherman and a warm–hearted and tolerant Claddagh fisherman’s wife.The Clan will engage the public in raucous conversation and shameless boasting about Galway’s historic seafaring traditions and the escapades of its sailors.

Walkabout Puppets
Deep–sea divers, angel fish and pirate puppets will also be roving around Galway Harbour and Docks, adding to the exciting carnival atmosphere.

Cross Swords
Epic sword fights between bungling buccaneers, John Cutlass Black and Toby Tricorn Tompkins, will unleash pirate mayhem and coerce members of the public into their silly squabbles.