The Defence Forces, as well as the Naval Service and Air Corps will provide a current equipment and capabilities display, and an Irish naval vessel will also be open for tours.

The display will include a selection of current Defence Force equipment and vehicles. Units from 1 Brigade involved in the display include:

  • 1 Brigade Artillery Regiment: Displaying 105mm Arty Gun, 120mm Mortar, RBS 70, Radar Equipment
  • 1 Brigade Cavalry Squadron: Displaying Light Tactical Armoured Vehicle, MOWAG Armoured Personnel Carrier
  • 1 Brigade Military Police: Displaying Military Police vehicles and bikes and investigation equipment.
  • 1 Brigade Ordnance Group: Displaying Explosive Ordnance Disposal equipment and vehicles.
  • 1 Cn Cois (1st Infantry Barracks – Mellow Barracks (Dún Uí Mhaoilíosa): Displaying a selection of Infantry equipment and weapons.

The Defence Forces 1 Brigade Military Band will also perform over the weekend.

There will be information stands from Army, Navy and Air Corps (Permanent and Reserve).

Take a tour of the Irish naval vessel the LÉ William Butler Yeats will which be open for tours during the the festival weekend.