Vessel Tours


RV Celtic Explorer - Marine Institute

10am - 5pm

Tour the Marine Institute’s marine research vessel the RV Celtic Explorer and speak to scientists about the research that is undertaken on board and see some marine species found in Irish waters. The vessel is used for fisheries research, oceanographic, hydrographic and geological investigations and seabed mapping.

Visit the Marine Institute's website here


ILV Granuaile - Irish Lights*

All Day*

Take a guided tour of the Commissioners of Irish Lights vessel the ILV Granuaile. This working-service vessel is used to maintain lighthouses, buoys and beacons all around the Irish coast. 

Visit the Commissioners of Irish Lights website here

The Phoenix

The Phoenix - Tall Ship

All Day*

One of the world's most famous tall ships, The Phoenix, will be at SeaFest from 7 - 9 June. The 112 foot long twin masted Brigantine which carries 4,000 square feet of sail, has featured in various films, such as the Ridley Scott film “1492: Conquest of Paradise”. 

Built in Frederikshavn, Denmark in 1929, she began her working life as an evangelical Mission Schooner. Twenty years later she retired from missionary work and carried cargo until her engine room was damaged by fire. The Phoenix was purchased by Square Sail in 1987, who performed a first-aid over-haul and allowed her to return to the seas. 

Visit the Square Sail website here


Fishing Trawler - MFV Alannah Riley - BIM 

All Day* 

Meet the crew of the MFV Alannah Riley, a 28m white fish vessel that usually works out of the fishing port of Castletownbere.

Visit the BIM website here


LÉ George Bernard Shaw - Defence Forces

All Day*

Make sure to visit the impressive LÉ George Bernard Shaw, brought to you by the Defence Forces. Take a tour of this brilliant vessel and learn all about the crew onboard! 

View the Defence Forces website here

*(Times dependent on access and tidal conditions)