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Welcome to SeaFest 2019!

SeaFest is Ireland’s largest free maritime festival, and is fun, free and for all ages.

Get onboard and head to the Port of Cork, Cork City from Friday, 7th June to Sunday, 9th June. SeaFest will run each day from 10am to 6pm. 

What can you experience at SeaFest?

With over 100 free events to choose from, you are spoiled for choice. Kids of all ages can discover the seabeds with virtual reality excursions into the deep; or can ‘mussel’ up and explore the equipment displays of the Defence Forces.

Get out on the water with a kayak, a sailboat, a currach or a dragon boat – the world really is your oyster! From docked vessel tours to currach seminars, delicious seafood demonstrations to intriguing marine workshops, you can dive right in at SeaFest 2019.

Where is it on?

Having been held in Galway for the last three years, Cork city’s quays now welcome SeaFest for the next three. Presented by Cork City Council and the Inter-Departmental Marine Coordination Group (MCG), more than 100,000 are expected to attend this annual free event. It will be a culmination of a week-long celebration of Ireland’s rich maritime heritage as the annual Cork Harbour Festival runs from 1-9 June.

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Why is SeaFest important?

SeaFest is a key part of Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth: An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland (HOOW) and its goal of increasing participation and engagement with the sea.

Oceans flow over nearly three-quarters of our planet, and hold 97% of the planet’s water. They produce more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere, and absorb the most carbon from it.

No matter how far from the shore that you live, oceans still affect your life and the lives of your families and friends, classmates and colleagues. For more information on the plan and on our oceans in general, visit the Our Ocean Wealth website

SeaFest is presented by Cork City Council and the Marine Coordination Group and is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union under Ireland’s European Maritime & Fisheries Fund Operational Programme for the seafood sector.

Responsible Materials at Seafest

Seafest aims to increase awareness of actions both large and small, that positively contribute to maintaining Clean Seas and better environmental practise. As part of this, some of the actions the event organisers have taken when planning this event include: 

- All traders at Seafest are required to use compostable materials

- Segregated bins are provided on site, with roving 'pirates' encouraging members of the public to use the correct bin for their waste

- A water station is in place on-site, where reusable bottles can be refilled. 'Vegware' glasses are supplied here for those without refillable bottles - these are made from corn, and so are fully compostable.

- Branded Seafest water bottles help keep demonstrators & exhibitors hydrated as they explain exhibits. These are made from sugarcane, and so are fully compostable.

- The Flying Fish art installation, in place on the bridges at the site, was specially commissioned for Seafest. The materials used are reclaimed plastics that were going to landfill. An important part of caring for our environment is to reuse existing materials as much as possible. As such, this plastic has become a lesser part of the waste problem. The Flying Fish will live on after Seafest, and will be used again in other locations.

- Many exhibiting organisations at Seafest also include responsible practise in their gifts to attendees.   

Seafest Partners

We would like to our partners including BIM, Marine Institute, Port of Cork, Cork Harbour Festival, Commissioners of Irish Lights, Defence Forces, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Bord Bia, Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority, Today FM and Red FM as well as all the organisations working with us to deliver SeaFest, including but not limited to An Garda Síochana, Civil Defence, Cork City Fire Service, Cork Business Association, Cork Chamber of Commerce, Fáilte Ireland, HSE, Irish Coast Guard, Irish Naval Service, NMCI, RNLI, St. John’s Ambulance, UCC, CIT and Visit Cork.